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1. Opening Number 

Choreography by: Christina Dunnington

Dancers: Gabrielle Kerr, Lauren Lugossy, Lauren Wycuff, Victoria Hyland, Olivia Stellato, Allison Brown, Alyssa Straile, Jasmine Rivera, Holly Petrelli

2. Together, again

Choreography by: Erin Ryan & Alexa Angelucci

Dancers: Kelsey Kulik, Melissa Hemel, Davonne Alexander, Kaleen Butterfield, Nicole Orzel, Haley Migeot, Patrick Chan, Indy Caudle, Alexa Angelucci, Erin Ryan

3. Were you even here?
Choreography by: Ashley Morand

Dancers: Isabella Castells, Cecilia Cunanan, Mikayla Tucker

4. Salsa Soca

Choreography by: Yazminely Hernandez

Dancers: Yazminely Hernandez, Zuly Amador, Rich Amador, Chali, Jason, DaVonne Alexander, Michelle Campbell, Cierra Edwards, Asia, Arian Rodriquez

5. State of Being 

Choreography by: Amanda Ortner

Dancers: Tiffany Ortner, Amanda Ortner, Nicole Orzel, Kaleen Butterfield, Gina Lipman, Hanna Sahagon, Gabrielle Byrnes, Mikayla Miller, Bri Evanik, Lisamarie Casazza, Kayla Neas, Haley Migeot, Amber Demier, Sarah Jayne Hughes, Cass Rompala, Kelly Gogliuzza, Jocey Garcon

6. Echoes of the Past

Choreography by: Alyssa Straile

Dancer: Alyssa Straile

7. Shego 

Choreography by: DaVonne Alexander

Dancers: Alexa Angelucci, Amanda Ortner, Yazminely Hernandez, Mikayla Miller, Diana Cordisco, Jocey Garcon, Erin Ryan, DaVonne Alexander

8. Love in the Dark 

Choreography by: Emily Wampler

Dancers: Kelly Gogliuzza, Bailey Fleming, Casey LaFrance, Claire Coolige, Jasmine Rivera, Kaleen Butterfield 

9. Doja Cat Mashup

Choreography by: Ally Miller 

Dancers: Diana Cordisco, Cass Rompala, Sarah Jayne Hughes, Brittany Lennon, Kara Chamberlin, Jocey Garcon, Amber Demier, Ashley Varghese, Madelyn Marquardt, Lauren Kraynak, Lauren Bristow, Hanna Sahagon, Patrick Chan, Kyra Robinson, KJ Carney, Hannah Paul

10. Seeing Differently 

Choreography by: Rachel Dunn

Dancers: Mikayla Miller, Amanda Ortner, Gina Lipman, Cheldany Stevens, Cass Rompala, Kelly Gogliuzza

11. EMBERS - Flair's Kid Hip Hop Crew
Choreography by: Bree Jacobs

Dancers: Arianna Taveras, Grace Grivner, Zuri Marks, Rellie Grife, Lacey Resnick

12. Con La Brisa

Choreography by: Kesha Martinez

Dancers: Ashley Rainey, Diana Cordisco, Kara Chamberlin, Kelly Gogliuzza, Krista Drewes, Kyra Robinson, Naia Moore

13. Rescue

Choreography by: Maica Nesmith (Flair Jr.)

Dancers: Jai Isler, Sarai Ross, Niya Davis, Maica Nesmith 

14. Equilibrium

Choreography by: Gabrielle Byrnes

Dancers: Kelly Gogliuzza, Sarah Jayne Hughes, Gina Lipman, Naia Moore, Haley Migeot, Kyra Robinson, Joyana Rucci 

15. Breezy

Choreography by: Ariana Ferrari & Bree Jacobs

Dancers: Ariana Ferrari, Bree Jacobs, Kelsey Kulik, Jen Disanti, Maddie Osinski, Alyssa Maurer, Dominick Kent, Jasmine Rivera, Yazminely Hernandez, Lauren Krayneak, Chayse Tucker, Taylor Skwara, Fran Paladino, Zoe Browne, Cierra Edwards, Mya Still, Isabella Ilarraza, Asia Kittles, Eugene Lutz


16. Fever

Choreography by: Cierra Edwards

Dancers: Casey Van Newenhizen, Michelle Campbell, Nicole Orzel, Taylor Skwara, Diana Cordisco, Christina Dunnington, Naia Moore, Alyssa Maurer, Chayse Tucker, Kyra Robinson, Asia Kittles, Yazminely Hernandez

17. The Provenance of Fear 

Choreography by: Ryan Fiedel

Dancers: Tara Tucci, Sabrina Mazzotta, Victoria Hyland, Morgan Garrett, Alexis Garrett, Lily Meditz, Madison Meredith, Kayleigh Citrino

18. Got to Give it Up

Choreography by: Casey Van Newenhizen

Dancers: Christina Dunnington, Bree Jacobs, Alyssa Maurer, Ariana Ferrari, Michelle Campbell, Cierra Edwards, Taylor Skwara, Chayse Tucker, Erin Ryan, and Ashley Morand

19. Persuasion

Choreography by: Indy Caudle

Dancers: Alexa Angelucci, Indy Caudle, Nicole Orzel

20. Passionfruit - Flair Training Program Dancers

Choreography by: Casey Van Newenhizen & Christina Dunnington

Dancers: Olivia Stellato, Gina Lipman, Ali Lodise, Kara Chamberlin, Victoria Hyland, Cierra Edwards, Zuri Marks, Rellie Grife, Chayse Tucker, Grace Grivner, LisaMarie Cassazza, Asia Kittles, Alyssa Maurer, Jenna Janco, DaVonne Alexander, Mya Still

21. Sit in Silence

Choreography by: Danielle Lunn

Dancers: Patrick Chan, Kiera Scales, Kayla Mont’Etna, Maggie Murdaco, Casey LaFrance, Alyssa Straile, Jasmine Rivera, Michelle Campbell, Danielle Lunn, Tiffany Suarez

22. No? Oui! 

Choreography by: Christina Dunnington

Dancers: Christina Dunnington, Casey Van Newenhizen, Alyssa Maurer, PJ Spagnoletti

23. Hallelujah. Anyhow, 

Choreography by: Taylor Rose Walker

Dancers: Ashley Varghese, Kayla Neas-Cousins, Ashley Rainey, Alyssa Straile, LisaMarie Casazza, Naia Moore, Cheldany Stevens, Bailey Fleming 

24. Wake them up 

Choreography by: Eric Mr. B Eazy - Checkmate Experience 

Dancers: Eric Mr. B Eazy Wood, Kevin Azari Harris, Damir Saint Grinnage, David Dr. Moose Heller, Jonnell Prince Gaskins

25. Toxic Love

Choreography by: Nadia Hayat

Dancers: Alyssa Maurer, Ariana Ferrari, Asia Kittles, Chayse Tucker, Cierra Edwards, Jen DiSanti, Joyana Rucci, Kayla Cousins, Krista Drewes Kyra Robinson, Michelle Campbell, Patrick Chan, Nadia Hayat

26. Chikni Chameli, “Silky Siren”

Choreography by: Ashley Varghese & Christina Dunnington

Dancer: Ashley Varghese

27. The Idea of Perfection

Choreography by: Kiera Scales

Dancers: Sophia Petrane, Nicole Orzel, Naia Moore, Alex Copeland, Haley Migeot, Michelle Campbell, Molly McEntee, Kelly Biancamano, Haylee Blum, Rebecca Urm

28. Imfamus 

Choreography by: Eugene Lutz & Mia Tabasco

Dancers: Eugene Lutz, Mia Tabasco, Zoe Browne, Jen DiSanti, Kelsey Kulik, Fran Paladino, Bella Ilarraza, Alyssa Maurer, Ariana Ferrari, Chayse Tucker, Mya Still, Bree Jacobs

29. Summertime Sadness

Choreography by: Kaelyn Henry & Audrey Dimaurizio (Flair Jr.)

Dancers: Kaelyn Henry, Audrey Dimaurizio, Lily Meditz, Ellie O’mera, Gabrielle Grife , Zuri Marks, Grace Grivner, Arianna Taveras, Megan Lyons 

30. SPARKS by Flair Dance Co. 

Choreography by: Bree Jacobs assisted by Eugene Lutz III, Mia Tabasco, Yazmineley Hernandez and Zoe Browne

Dancers: SPARKS by Flair Dance Company Dancers 


Thank you for joining us for the 3rd Annual Flair Dance Festival. We are so grateful for our Flair community and can't wait to continue this journey with YOU! Be Sure to follow us on Instagram @flairdancecompany to stay up to date with all the latest Flair news <3

Much love, Christina Dunnington

Creative Director & Owner of Flair Dance Company

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