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Choreographer Application for The 2023 Festival

IMPORTANT! - Any choreographer that submits from here are on the WAITLIST! We have accepted our max amount of choreographers. We will be in contact with you if someone does not accept their invitation 

Thank you so much for being interested in applying as a Choreographer for the 2023 Flair Dance Festival! This application is open to choreographers ages 16+. Choreographers can create work at a professional, pre-professional, or student level. All applications will be considered! Please carefully think about your answers and provide as much detail as possible ♥️


PLEASE SUBMIT A VIDEO of past choreography, along with this application, to If you don't have a video of choreography, please let me know.


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis through March 25, 2023! Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted. If you are selected, I will need written confirmation that you will be participating in the Festival!


This year on April 8th, 2023 we will be holding an audition for all the choreographers seeking dancers at Diana Alexis Dance Academy. As a choreographer, you will sit on a panel and have the opportunity to view the audition to see who you would like in your piece. If you already have people in mind you would like to be in your piece, they must attend the audition to be considered or you may submit videos of the dancers you would like to use. We want to make this a professional experience for everyone and cast dancers appropriately based on their level of training. Our goal with this is to elevate the show as a whole and provide more opportunity for choreographers to connect with dancers. 


We also want to inform you that, this year, there will be awards given to choreographers, including an award that requires audience votes. This year, there will not be a ticket requirement for each choreographer, but we will encourage / expect you to sell tickets to your friends and families to fill the audience and help your chances of winning. 


Please note, even if you are not selected to be a choreographer for the Festival, there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved with Flair Dance! Perhaps our selected choreographers will be on the search for dancers to perform in their creation, or you can attend one of our many dance classes we will be offering throughout the year. I want this application process to be a learning experience and an opportunity to grow, so please, reach out for any feedback, questions or concerns. We are all here to support and grow together!! 🥰



- If you are a professional dance company looking to have a piece in our show, please indicate that on the application and send prior work to You will not have to attend the audition if you are a professional dance company.

-If you already have dancers in mind please also indicate that in your application and email


IMPORTANT: Flair Dance Festival is happening on June 30th, 2023 8pm

This year we are hosting an audition for our choreographers. You must be present on 04/08/2023 from 10am-1pm. Are you able to attend this audition if selected ?
If you had dancers already in mind for your price, do you feel comfortable having them attend the in person audition? All dancers participating in the Flair Dance Festival must audition this year or submit videos of their dancers
Do you want to dance in other choreographers' pieces as well?
There is a fee of $100 to have your piece in the show. As the choreographer you can pay that in full, fundraise it, or split the cost between the dancers who you selected to be in the piece after the audition. We leave that up to you! If you can or cannot make this commitment please indicate that below.
Please submit a video or link to a video to Payment will not be required until after acceptance. 

Thanks for submitting! <3

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