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Celebrating Success: The 4th Annual Flair Dance Festival

The 4th annual Flair Dance Festival was an unforgettable celebration of creativity, talent, and community! Held on June 23rd, 2024, at the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Collingswood, NJ, this year’s festival was a resounding success, bringing together dancers, choreographers, and dance enthusiasts from all over South Jersey and beyond.

A Night to Remember

The Flair Dance Festival has always been a platform for a diverse array of talent, and this year was no different. Our audience was treated to over 25 stunning performances that showcased a variety of dance styles, including contemporary, ballet, hip-hop, salsa, pro-team, and jazz. The energy in the auditorium was electric as dancers took to the stage, each performance more captivating than the last.

Showcasing Emerging Choreographers

The performances could not be possible without their choreographers with their creative minds that brought fresh, bold, and inspiring pieces to life, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in dance. The audience was left in awe by the innovation and artistry on display, reinforcing our commitment to nurturing and showcasing new talent at Flair Dance Company, the premier dance studio in South Jersey.

A Celebration of Community

The Flair Dance Festival is not just about performances; it’s about bringing the dance community together. New friends are made each year, old friends come back together, and fans of Flair were able to enjoy another great show! This year we had a post-show mix & mingle dance party with a DJ and some of the best food trucks in the area. The festival provided a great chance for dancers, professionals, and dance enthusiasts to connect and share their passion. Even with the passing rain shower it was still a hit, providing a perfect opportunity for attendees to let loose, cool off, socialize, and celebrate the evening’s successes.

The atmosphere was filled with joy and camaraderie, a true testament to the supportive and vibrant community we’ve built at Flair Dance Company in Collingswood, NJ. The Flair Dance Festival is actually how Flair Dance Company started. Back in 2021 the Festival was born from the desire from many, to finally perform again after government shutdowns. That first show in Philly was the spark the adult dance community needed and it has now become a standing tradition. The festival grew into a multitude of dance offerings and now look where we are! 

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on the success of this year’s Flair Dance Festival, we are filled with excitement for what’s to come. If you’re searching for adult dance classes in South Jersey, look no further than Flair Dance Company. We have a variety of recreational classes at our studio including multiple styles and levels. We are also gearing up for our beloved holiday production, Cracked Nuts, with Auditions on July 21st. This nutty and delightful show is turning 3! Featuring performers of all ages, the show will be held this December at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre in Philadelphia. We can’t wait to see the incredible talent that will join us for this year’s performance. To audition, visit and fill out the form before attending.

We are also heading into our second dance season at Flair! We never thought our Kids Program would be so amazing. This year we will have dance classes for kids ages 1.5-Teen with styles such as ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, Modern, Creative Movement, Mini & Me, Jazz, Tap, Acro, and more! Sign up here!

Join Us on Our Journey

At Flair Dance Company, our mission to create, connect, and inspire remains at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in dance education and providing our students with the opportunities they need to grow and shine. If you’re in the South Jersey area and looking to enhance your dance skills, Flair Dance Company is the place to be. Thank you to everyone who made the 4th annual Flair Dance Festival a spectacular success. Here’s to many more years of dance, creativity, and shared joy! Stay tuned for more exciting events and updates by visiting We look forward to seeing you in the studio or at our future events and continuing this incredible journey together. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer, our studio offers a welcoming and inspiring environment for all. See you soon!


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