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The Dance Floor Difference

In our latest blog post, we're tackling a topic that's near and dear to dancers everywhere: the importance of a quality dance floor. We understand the importance of providing dancers from South Jersey and Philly with a floor that delivers on safety, comfort, and performance, because too many dance organizations have normalized dancing on the wrong type of floor. At Flair Dance Company, we get it, so we invested in state-of-the-art Harlequin Marley and Stagestep Subfloor. We’re here to tell you why practicing your craft on a premium dance floor is absolutely essential to be safe while doing what you love and will help take your dance game to the next level.

So let's start with the most basic but most important factor—safety. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the last thing you need is a slippery, subpar wood dance floor causing unnecessary injuries. A top-notch marley dance floor provides the right amount of traction you need without worrying about slipping and sliding, especially if you’re taking contemporary, jazz, or ballet, especially in a pointe shoe! You also need a subfloor that absorbs shock and minimizes fatigue, so you can focus on nailing those moves without feeling like you've been hit by a truck the next day. You’re likely to feel pain in your feet, knees, back, ankles, etc. if you’re dancing on something without a subfloor. If you don't feel pain, trust me, you eventually will. Repeated stress on your joints adds up. Injuries are more prone to happen if you’re on a wood floor or just plain old concrete. Dancing should be a pleasure, not a pain, and our subfloor delivers the bounce you need to avoid that. Plain and simple.

If you're refining your technique, mastering challenging choreography, preparing for performances, or just taking a recreational class, our premium dance floor sets the stage for success and is the gold standard in the dance world. At Flair, you'll feel more confident executing complex movements and exploring creative possibilities, because you’re not worried about slipping or jamming up your joints. Ouch!


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